IZHotel - Hệ thống quản lý khách sạn

All-in-one website and management system for hotel business. Without any knowledge about {coding} or {designing}, hotel owner can easily create their own website that also integrated a management system... 

Do you need a website to promote your hotel business?

- IZHotel provide your hotel a complete website which show up your hotel to world wide web 

- Visitor to your hotel website can easily look up for rooms rate and self-booking on the go (exclusive features)

Do you really need a software to manage your hotel room rate?

Forget it! IZHotel provide you an online system that help you manage your hotel in a simplest way. 


Anytime from anywhere on any devices that have an Internet connection, you can easily connect to your own hotel business and see real time statistics

Link: http://izhotel.vnappmob.com


We help you to improve your business processes, and make the technology affordable for you - VNAppMob


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